New Release – Poem: Prayer to the Tribunal.

Good news, ladies and gents! We got a new release today!

“Prayer to the Tribunal,” a poem I wrote, has been graciously posted up by a dear friend of mine, Patricia DeJong. You can check it out over at her website, the link is right … here. There’s also a permanent link on the published page.

The piece is a bit of background for my upcoming NaNoWriMo novel, “Under A Falling Sky.” I wanted to work with some piece of the story and build some kind of foundation, so I took up Patricia’s offer of having a poem slot on her site. This also gave me a chance to write and finish something quick and brief and get something out there for the crowd to see.

This one was, indeed, a quick write and was very cathartic to create. It doesn’t create a ton of backdrop of the setting, but it does throw in some certain pieces of setting information. In the end, I hope this creates some interest in the setting and might drum up enough questions that might grab some readers.

Either way, back to watching – a little – TV shows, then working on “Gunslingers of Asgard.” Ciao!

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