As the fires climb and the ashes fall
I bear witness to many a crime
You threatened my family, one and all
Vengeance will be mine, this is the time


In the fields, bodies fester and rot
Your path, a trail of blood and flames
This resistance isn’t for naught
You will be stricken down in shame


Your armor in the red sun of the dawn
Smeared in soot and covered in crimson
Your sword, claimer of lives of the pawns
Dried blood caked across in ribbons


Our blades meet, our strength shown
That evil smile of yours, an atrocity
In this battle, we fight on our own
We carve at each other with ferocity


You call me a fool
I call you tyrant
You say I am a tool
I say I am only defiant


With another hit, you are brought down
That sadistic smile wiped clean
The blood that is your own drains out
The ground wet in a red sheen


Many graves to be made for the lost
But today I will revel in this
For you were brought low, at great cost
But here and now, I am Invictus

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