You push me, I’ll push back
Your hand on me, it will snap
You assume I’m nice and docile
Your plans end when I go hostile


I hold no love for loss of life
Though I don’t run from a fight
Even your attempts to hurt
Will only leave you in the dirt


The look of terror on your face
The sign that nothing could brace
The scene you tried to make
Only ends with you in disgrace


Shut your mouth, hold your tongue
Leave in shame for I have won
You try to continue your hate
But all you want to do is bait


An argument that you tried to stir
Will be over, as quick as a blur
You came with words of hate
I came with knowledge of your fate


Behind the subtle smiles and quirks
Lies a tendency to hurt
We shall cheer and sing as we feast
Just don’t bring out the beast

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