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If you’re looking to discuss possible business or press related matters, please send an email to This account is reserved exclusively for professional inquiries or other business matters. If your question or comment is not of a business nature, please us the methods of contact listed below.

Promotional copies of any material can be provided upon request by email at no charge. Simply send an email to the address listed above detailing which website or blog you represent, which piece you would like to receive for review, and what digital format you would prefer it in.

~* Reader Contact *~

 Decided you wanted to see where I could be found or contacted? I’ve got public social accounts on the websites listed below, along with links to them. I also have a public email that you can drop a message to, if things like Twitter and Google+ aren’t your style.

On Google+: James Darrow. My Google+ feed is my most active feed used for detailed conversations and thoughts. For an actual public discussion, this is where to go.

On Twitter: @darrowjames. My Twitter is for those moments where I just need to throw a remark out there. It also winds up automatically receiving links from my homepage, so it doesn’t hurt to check out.

By Email: Please use the form below to contact me. It should keep things clean and simple. My phone is setup to receive all of my emails, so a prompt response is usually assured.