Below are the directories from which just about all of my articles take place. If you’re trying to check out my article history, or you have one in particular you’re looking for, this is where you’ll be able to sort them.

My thoughts on… – Sporadic posts that contain my thoughts or views on certain pieces of entertainment, ranging from games, to films and books.

Word-Craft – Posts about the art of writing. Whether articles deal with characters, settings, or themes, this series is where I’ll post it.

The Lottery – Polls, contests, giveaways, ect. Whenever I reach out to you folks, out of need or wanting to give stuff away, this is where it gets logged.

The Bar Stool – Whenever a topic doesn’t relate to anything in the other categories, it goes here. Rants, general musings or random topics, whatever. Think of this as a miscellaneous bin.

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