Legal Disclaimer

 All of my works that are available freely as downloads from this website are to be regarded as under the protection of a Creative Commons License. Works downloaded from here may be freely shared, uploaded, and enjoyed by anyone so long as attribution is provided, it is not done for profit, and no tampering with the story’s contents or ownership has occurred.

 Any freely downloaded material from this website is to remain that way, and no one may re-upload such works to any paid website or service without express permission provided by myself (James Darrow, owner). In addition, no one may attempt to claim ownership over any provided material either by their own name or by impersonation. Numerous pieces of documentation, both digital and physical, exist that prove ownership of all materials upon public release.

 All material that is released through any other form of publisher (partnership with blogs, magazine or anthology publication, retail release, ect.) is protected by standard Copyright law and enforced by the publisher’s agreement. Such material, unless authorized by the publisher, is not for public distribution by anyone other than the publisher of the works. Any unauthorized distribution of such works should be considered an act of piracy and be reported to both myself and the legal publisher of the work.

 Should any works be found to be hosted in violation of the earlier established conditions, requests shall be sent for the removal of the works. Should the individual who uploaded the work or maintains ownership of the site be found unresponsive or uncooperative, requests will be made to the domain host for the work’s removal. Any unaddressed or continued acts of illegal hosting occur from an individual or domain occur, direct legal action will be taken.


“Does this mean I can’t share this story of yours?”: It depends. Did you find and download the story for free from this website ( If you did, then go ahead and share or upload it to anyone you want. The only thing I ask is that you name me (James Darrow) as the content creator and that you don’t charge anyone for it.

 “What about if it didn’t come from here?”: That … gets a bit trickier. I will always list my works and who they are published through on my website. Anyone listed in connection with a story is considered an authorized publisher of the story. If you got it from one of them, check with that publisher to see what you can do with the story, since they are likely the contractual controller of how the story is distributed.

 “… And if I got it from someone not on that list?”: Ho boy, now we really get into the touchy part. If you, or someone you know, got a story of mine through someone not listed on my website, that likely means it’s been illegally posted. If this turns out to be the case, it’s immensely appreciated if you let me and the authorized publisher of that story know that it’s being provided by someone who isn’t authorized.

 “Will you hate me if I admit that I pirated one of your stories, but went back and got it legally afterwards?”: Some artists and creators might, but I won’t. The way I see it, if you did that, you still got the story legally in the end. If nothing else, that tells me you really enjoyed my work if after you already read it, you went back to pay for it. I will only ever take issue if you illegally download the story – without permission – and don’t pay for it at any point.

 “But publishers, no matter who they are, are evil! I don’t want to give them my money!”: That doesn’t matter. You see, people like to make publishers out to be the bad guy when they’re really just people doing their jobs and bringing art to market. At the same time, any publisher I deal with – likely – has an agreement with me that provides me with money from a sale. So if you really think publishers are evil, consider buying something through them as supporting the writer instead. Easier pill to swallow, am I right?