Angels and demons in my ear
Whispering of courage and fear
One offering peace and salvation
The other, power and condemnation


One side offers me peace
A life of serenity and ease
I only have to block my feelings
And resist life’s wicked dealings


The other offers me power
The ability to bring down towers
I only have to forget all others
As I cut down their brothers


I have one answer to both sides
I shall follow neither dark nor light
I am free to forge my own destiny
As no one can take the best of me


I am not your guardian or savior
For I am needing of no favor
I am not your destroyer or bane
For those evils are in vain


I am a free man, able to choose
To bind myself to freedom or the noose
In the end, my life is of balance
And I shall seek my own guidance

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