So here we are, it’s almost National Turkey Culling Day (also known as “Thanksgiving”). This is that absolutely dreadful time of year where one is supposed to be such things as “thankful” and “appreciative”.

Fine, I’ll put aside my cynicism for a few moments and let a few things out.

One year ago, I was in the midst of writing my first real manuscript. It was for a novel, The Veil, though that ultimately didn’t come to fruition (yet anyways). At the same time, I was giving the concept of actually going forward as a writer some serious consideration. Was it a crazy idea? Yes. Was I foolish for setting out on this path? Yes. Do I regret it? Don’t even think for a second that I regret it.

In April of this year, I was given an amazing gift by means of being published in eFiction Magazine for the first time. A couple months later, I repeated that success. After that, I threw my own short story out there for free. Each time I tried, I got a newer and larger audience of people who were keeping tabs on me.

Since then, I’ve been rejected a few times. Oh well, acceptance is nothing without rejection. There’s a reason rejection has the little known name of “C.B.O.”, or Character Building Opportunity. You find out pretty quick if rejection is that brick wall that stops you for good, or it’s the road bump that you just run the hell over while you keep going.

So what am I thankful for this year? Seriously, anyone who follows my feeds knows I am quite the cynic and can be easily annoyed. I am thankful, surprisingly, for quite a number of things.

I am thankful for my family who accommodates (for the most part) my whack-ass schedule and habits due to this work. I am thankful for having an ever growing reader base who helps motivate me and makes me try to push harder and faster for better material. I am thankful for the risks I’ve taken and the successes I’ve had, despite the fact I’ve never made a single cent on my work.

I am thankful to Doug Lance, EiC at eFiction Magazine, for giving me my published start. I am thankful to Brian White and the folks at Fireside Magazine, along with the ladies and gentlemen of Petrichor Machine, for the rejections they’ve given me. I’m thankful to Audrey Lee and Jonathan Barton for providing a productive and entertaining atmosphere for writing on these long November nights.

Perhaps most of all, I’m thankful for everyone who has offered me advice, suffered through my weaker material, given me a motivational slap on the back, and told me to stick my head down and write more. This gig, while non-paying and enjoyable all on its own, is made all that much more fulfilling and worthwhile due to all of your support.

Thank you.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a day to survive, some bird to massacre, and words to butcher. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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