The news from the lazy front!

So yeah, I think you’re probably all getting the vibe of what is going to be discussed in this post by the title alone. Not exactly like I’m trying very hard to cover it up or anything, that’s just how it is.

It’s been nearly a month since I last updated the page, and not much has happened. I’ve mentally been turning Under a Falling Sky around in my head over and over, trying to create a plot to follow that strikes me as a quality piece. So far, the ground work is there, but it needs some work and refinement to even be something I consider worth starting the writing on.

If I haven’t been working on Under a Falling Sky, what have I been doing then? The answer is: not much. I’ve been working (slowly) on the refinement of Blood in the Machine and trying to get that ready enough for me to consider throwing it at an editor and praying for the best, but that’s about it.

Yes, I’ve been violating the cardinal rule of all writers, “Write something every day.” It just hasn’t been there for me. Part of the reason why, I believe, is in how I manage my time and where I set some aside for writing. Up until now, I’ve been attempting to set aside time for writing during the night time, once I get home from work. By this point, I’m generally kind of beat and tired, just wanting to screw off for what’s left of the day.

That’s changing.

I’m going to try and shift time around on my schedule, setting aside some time in the AM – before I go to work – to write. If that means revamping my sleep schedule, so be it, but progress must be made and it isn’t happening in the PM.

Second thing I’m gonna do? Set my sights in a ludicrous goal. I even already have one in mind that I have a story concept for, I’ve just got to make it happen. Is it brash? Yes. Is it foolish? Quite likely. Is it insane? Probably, but what hasn’t been on this whack-ass journey thus far?

Am I gonna tell you what it is? Likely not, at least not for now. I want to try and take my shot at it first. I’ll just say this: If I actually accomplish this, and it’s a success, I’ll have been grossly underestimating myself.

Well, off to go cause a ruckus. See you guys on the tubes!

The State of the Mind.

Well, this has been awhile. So what’s going on? Well…

1) Flash Fiction submissions. I’ve recently written and submitted two pieces of Flash Fiction out and am waiting to hear back on. Both are technically pieces of contemporary fantasy, though in their own way. As a whole, however, I am actually thankful to be done with Flash Fiction. The restrictiveness of it, while great as a learning instrument, is just unbearable for someone like me. I enjoy having some room to elaborate and unveil things, something that Flash Fiction doesn’t afford you in the slightest.

2) Under a Falling Sky is back in the re-working chamber. Not after a draft, mind you, but on the conceptual front. I’m just not pleased with the current state of the story, so it’ll be being reworked and re-engineered for now. It is a setting and a story I want to show, but it’s just being a little … difficult.

So, why don’t I just shelve Under a Falling Sky in favor of working on the Dark Stars universe? Well, I’d rather not have my first novel out the door being part of a larger, sprawling series which is rather intertwined. So, for that reason, I am wanting to make this story be my debut, but I want it done in a proper way.

3) On the revisions and editing front, I have Echoes which needs a plot revision before I post it up for beta reading. I also still have Guns of Asgard which needs a load of edits and revisions, so there’s that. Then, to round that off, Blood in the Machine still needs some work, though actually only a little. So, as you can see, there’s still plenty to be done.

4) On the gaming front, I’ve actually become quite engrossed in three titles for the moment. I’ve fallen back in love with The Secret World & Diablo 3, while I’ve also been starting to play Defiance. All three are unique and quite enjoyable. In case anyone wants to track me down, I’ll make it easy for ya.

TSW: Vaerys; Defiance: Alec Rho; Diablo 3: Makon#1350.

Anyways, I am off to go grab a few groceries, stew on some ideas for UaFS, and see about getting into trying tea (the proper English way), so I’ll be off for a little while. Ciao.

Beta read is now live.

Yup, that’s right, the beta version of Blood in the Machine – formerly (R)Evolution / Building a Better You – is live. I’ve got two beta readers going over the story, hopefully giving up some proper feedback that I can try and design the story and any revision around.

So, how long will it be before you can get your mittens on it? It’ll actually be awhile, since it’ll be sent out for editing once the beta read is over. The beta, as well, will last awhile so the readers will have some time to read, process, and give their thoughts on it.

So what will I do in the meantime?

Well, I had this little thought sneak up on me a couple nights ago regarding Under a Falling Sky. It was about Ashayl, one of my two protagonists, and a single tweak I could make. This single tweak, however, would completely rip up and rework how the entire world of that story functions.

I’m liking the changes I see as well, it’s just that I need to sit down and realize the scope of such a change. It’d also demand a rewrite of the story, something I knew I’d need to do anyway. Before I do anything rash, however, I’ll be brainstorming and outlining how this could all work out.

This is one of those points where having Mind Mapping software turns out to be very helpful. Oh well, I’ll tend to this all later on tonight and so forth. Until then, peace out.

The end of the weekend.

I am lost, but in a good way.

You know that feeling you get when you wrap up something long, complicated, you have a personal stake in, and you now have that void where there’s nothing until you move on? Yeah, I’m currently relishing that little vacuum at the moment. The reason being, Building a Better You, formerly known as (R)Evolution, is moving out of the “writing” stage and into the “editing” rounds.

I had hoped to have the story wrapped up by Feb 1st, but the more I sat down to write it, the more scenes felt like they needed to be in the story. I had hoped to make it under the 10,000 word mark some apply towards short stories, but it ballooned well past that mark.

I then estimated that it would likely be around 15,000 words, making it one of my first stories to end as a novelette (yes, that actually exists, 7,500-17,500 words).  When I finished the story and completed a couple early edits, it became 14,932 words.

Talk about accurate predictions.

So what’s lying ahead for me at the moment? Well, Under a Falling Sky still needs to be finished. There’s also the fact that I now have two stories in the editing tank (Guns of Asgard and now Building a Better You). I’ve already got editing notes and feedback for GoA, so I’ll likely get to work on editing that puppy, then dealing with the new kid on the block.

Soon enough, however, I’ll need to get a couple beta readers in line to give Building a Better You (the name is still not definitive, not quite sure what to roll with) a read over. I’ve got at least one person lined up, but if anyone wants to volunteer, you know how to reach me by now.

In the meantime, however, I’ve been relishing my weekend by catching up on some TV shows and trying some new ones. I got caught up on Justified, Arrow, Elementary, then started and got caught up on Continuum. I’ve always enjoyed the first three, so that was easy.

Continuum was something that got my eye from a link I saw someone post on Google+. It sounded interesting, so I decided to see if it could step above being just regular ScyFy shovelware. I can safely say that it is rather interesting, cliche in some spots and kind of cheesy in others, but enjoyable. I know I’ll keep my Season Pass running so I can stay current.

This Tuesday, however, I can let the good times roll in gaming. Dead Space 3 hits the market and my copy is already on its way. I’m not a co-op gamer in the slightest – I play games for single-player with extremely few exceptions – but I really, really want to see how they advance the series.

Anyways, off to keep my addled mind busy. I’ll keep y’all informed of what I decide to start working on.

On the up-swing.

It’s been a little while since we last had an update, and there’s a good reason for that. There hasn’t been much done, so there hasn’t been much to update everyone about.

I said it was a good reason, I didn’t say you were going to like it.

But that’s been changing. After the frantic holiday season, along with the post-season lull and catch-ups, I’ve been getting back into my second work. Since, you know, the first-work keeps me fed and a roof over my head, but what ever.

How have I been starting off? Well, I’ve been reading a bit more, along with participating with other writers on a more recurring basis. I’ve also been – slowly – reinvigorating my presence with eFiction Magazine and am looking to get a story into them.

At the same time, I’ve gotten back into my GoodReads account. I’ve added a couple things onto my shelf over there, wound up in a couple groups, and am gonna make an effort to keep current with it. I even went to the trouble to make and throw a link to my account over on the sidebar.

Speaking of publishing, I’ve been of the mind to wrap up, clean up, and send (…up?) some of my current projects for publication. I’ve got two completed shorts, in the form of Echoes and When Death Comes, along with two other short stories that are currently in production. All that is required is a bit of effort to actually make sure they’re looking good and get sent out for review.

But what about beyond that? I mean, sure, some short stories will last a little while, but they won’t go on forever.

I am looking into the possibility of having a compilation of short stories publicly – and commercially – released around the middle of the year. It would have my published work (thus far), along with a couple other projects that haven’t been shown yet. I’d likely also go back and touch up earlier published pieces, though Synthetic Reality would be the biggest target of such work.

I figure that such a release would help open me up to a wider audience and get me started down the road of actual publication outside of magazines. At the same time, it’d also make me a target for some hard and heavy criticism and feedback on my quality and style, so that could be either good (and depressing).

Either way, as soon as I get a couple of things done and out of the way, I intend to crack down on myself like a hammer on someone’s fingers. That includes the short story work mentioned earlier, along with getting the draft of Under A Falling Sky wrapped up and ready for re-work (it’s gonna need a lot). That’s all before I even think about other ideas, currently planned novels, ect.

…I really don’t make this easy on myself, do I?