Beta read is now live.

Yup, that’s right, the beta version of Blood in the Machine – formerly (R)Evolution / Building a Better You – is live. I’ve got two beta readers going over the story, hopefully giving up some proper feedback that I can try and design the story and any revision around.

So, how long will it be before you can get your mittens on it? It’ll actually be awhile, since it’ll be sent out for editing once the beta read is over. The beta, as well, will last awhile so the readers will have some time to read, process, and give their thoughts on it.

So what will I do in the meantime?

Well, I had this little thought sneak up on me a couple nights ago regarding Under a Falling Sky. It was about Ashayl, one of my two protagonists, and a single tweak I could make. This single tweak, however, would completely rip up and rework how the entire world of that story functions.

I’m liking the changes I see as well, it’s just that I need to sit down and realize the scope of such a change. It’d also demand a rewrite of the story, something I knew I’d need to do anyway. Before I do anything rash, however, I’ll be brainstorming and outlining how this could all work out.

This is one of those points where having Mind Mapping software turns out to be very helpful. Oh well, I’ll tend to this all later on tonight and so forth. Until then, peace out.

The end of the weekend.

I am lost, but in a good way.

You know that feeling you get when you wrap up something long, complicated, you have a personal stake in, and you now have that void where there’s nothing until you move on? Yeah, I’m currently relishing that little vacuum at the moment. The reason being, Building a Better You, formerly known as (R)Evolution, is moving out of the “writing” stage and into the “editing” rounds.

I had hoped to have the story wrapped up by Feb 1st, but the more I sat down to write it, the more scenes felt like they needed to be in the story. I had hoped to make it under the 10,000 word mark some apply towards short stories, but it ballooned well past that mark.

I then estimated that it would likely be around 15,000 words, making it one of my first stories to end as a novelette (yes, that actually exists, 7,500-17,500 words).  When I finished the story and completed a couple early edits, it became 14,932 words.

Talk about accurate predictions.

So what’s lying ahead for me at the moment? Well, Under a Falling Sky still needs to be finished. There’s also the fact that I now have two stories in the editing tank (Guns of Asgard and now Building a Better You). I’ve already got editing notes and feedback for GoA, so I’ll likely get to work on editing that puppy, then dealing with the new kid on the block.

Soon enough, however, I’ll need to get a couple beta readers in line to give Building a Better You (the name is still not definitive, not quite sure what to roll with) a read over. I’ve got at least one person lined up, but if anyone wants to volunteer, you know how to reach me by now.

In the meantime, however, I’ve been relishing my weekend by catching up on some TV shows and trying some new ones. I got caught up on Justified, Arrow, Elementary, then started and got caught up on Continuum. I’ve always enjoyed the first three, so that was easy.

Continuum was something that got my eye from a link I saw someone post on Google+. It sounded interesting, so I decided to see if it could step above being just regular ScyFy shovelware. I can safely say that it is rather interesting, cliche in some spots and kind of cheesy in others, but enjoyable. I know I’ll keep my Season Pass running so I can stay current.

This Tuesday, however, I can let the good times roll in gaming. Dead Space 3 hits the market and my copy is already on its way. I’m not a co-op gamer in the slightest – I play games for single-player with extremely few exceptions – but I really, really want to see how they advance the series.

Anyways, off to keep my addled mind busy. I’ll keep y’all informed of what I decide to start working on.

Announcement: (R)Evolution.

At this point, Guns of Asgard is currently sucking up time in the editing tank. Rather than work on the editing part of that story, which I’ll do after I’ve had a decent break from it, I am working on a new story right now.

What is that story titled, you ask? (R)Evolution.

The story itself kinda harkens back to my first published piece, Synthetic Reality. It takes place in the near future where cybernetic augmentation and prosthetic applications are available. The use of such applications is a subject of moral debate while the technology itself requires regular maintenance.

In this world, a cop ends up acting as a guard for the president of one of the leading cybernetic corporations. In the midst of riots and armed protests over augmentation and mechanical prosthesis, he winds up having to find where he stands on the issue of cybernetics while investigating a possible monopoly that could affect the lives of everyone who uses such technology.

(R)Evolution is looking to be a very promising story, at least in my mind. It brings back fond memories of my work with Synthetic Reality, which is always a good thing.  While the idea and setting itself might seem cliche anymore, I’m hoping to give it some solid characters and an interesting story to tell.

Just thought you guys might like an idea as to what’s coming up in the future. I figure once the first draft of this story is done, I’ll get to work on editing both it and Guns of Asgard. For now, time to enjoy the project.