New release: Eyes of Madness.

Hey folks! Remember a few days ago where I made that absolutely ludicrous promise to release a new short story, for free, as a Christmas gift for you all?

Well, it’s here. In truth, it’s on the Download page as well, but the link goes to the same place.

So what is the story? It’s a brief glimpse at one of my earlier characters, Alec Rho, as he’s being questioned by an official with the FBI. What’s his deal? Well, he had an … “incident” where he wound up with a runic scar on his shoulder, his eyes turned from brown to glowing silver, and he now sees Seraph (angels) and Demons. He’s got a couple other tricks up his sleeves, but in reality, he’s an average guy given a few extra tools and stuck in a horrible situation.

How did I come up with this story? Well, Alec is actually the product of the first full-length novel I’d written, but the book was mothballed before it ever saw the light of day. Pacing was horribly off, I needed to rewrite the thing anyway but nothing was working, ect. So the story and character have sat in storage for some time.

When it came time to pen a new story for this challenge, however, my thoughts drifted back to Alec. There was no where I could conceivably write his origin-story again, not with the limited time frame, but a teaser seemed possible. From there, the story took shape and became what it is.

I had put out a single call for beta readers but nobody responded. Let’s face it, most rational folks are busy doing Christmas-y stuff that would demand their attention, so I most certainly couldn’t blame them.

Instead, I took the liberty of doing what editing work I could, along with formatting. Am I as confident in its quality as if it’d been put through a workshop? No, of course not, but the circumstances demanded it.

That said, give it a read. It’s a free download, it’s only about 3,800 words in totality, and it’s the most recent “finished” product of mine.

I hope you enjoy this story, as well as have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas & Happy Doomsday!

As the title might suggest, I’m being quite cynical about the whole “doomsday” thing, along with having never cared about New Years. Seriously, how does the date on our calenders being changed from “2012” to “2013” actually make a day worth celebrating? Oh well, New Years gives me a day off work so I’ll take what I can get.

Despite how we feel about New Years or Doomsdays, it is the time of year that we celebrate Christmas. You know, that time of year that we gather around what few friends and family we care to be near and shove gifts their way then stuff them full of food later on?

One of my favorite recent Christmas memories was where I UPS’ed a box to a friend of mine, Jordan Burns. It contained a copy of Darksiders, a box of Twinkies, and a card I wrote explaining that those two things were all I had money for after getting busted trying to buy him some time with a undercover cop posing as a prostitute named “Crystal”.

We have a bit of a strange friendship, him and I.

Either way, this isn’t the time of year just to celebrate friends and family. For me, with this Christmas, I intend to do something a bit … radical. As a form of appreciation, I’ll be writing, polishing, and releasing a brand new story as a free download on or before Christmas. Yup, you read that right.

What does this mean? Well, that I’ll likely be busy trying to get this written up, edited, formatted, covered, and all that such before the 25th. Four days of nut-cracking writing and editing hell, and I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

So what will this story be? Honestly, I’m not sure. I might conceptualize and run with something new. On the other hand, maybe I’ll complete and refine (R)Evolution and release that. I have an idea in mind for a new story, and it’d be something a little different for me, so I’ll likely go with the new one.

We’ll see which way I go on this, but it’ll be my gift for you all. I’ll be taking volunteers for about two beta readers who can give it a read-over. I’ll also work on and design my own cover, since I doubt anyone would ever want to offer themselves up for unpaid, rushed cover art design.

So that’s the plan, Ladies and Gents, my gift to you this fine Christmas is my own self-induced torture and literary suffering. Enjoy!