Letting go.

Well, final edits that I am handling myself are done. I’ve also got a rough list of outside support to inquire into for the things I can’t do on my own and need a professional eye for.

Time to do the one thing that remains left to be done: Nut the hell up, and prepare to try and join the pro-league.

Gonna take it one step at a time though, starting with the editing. After that’s all wrapped up, then I’ll delve into the convoluted world of cover art and illustration.

I confess, I am nervous in the greatest of ways about this. In a way, the sensation that I have obtained from this very moment is one not too dissimilar to when I sent out my first story for publication. From there, I felt it once more when I sent out my work to my first paid publication.

Now, I get to feel it again as I try and inquire or obtain the services of veterans in the industry, ranging from other authors to industry-grade illustrators.

It truly is the most exhilarating sense of fear, adrenaline, panic, and hope all bundled together that I could have imagined. Who would have imagined that such senses of elation and chaos would come from such a small and simple work, a novelette of eighteen thousand words in length.

So yes, folks, Blood in the Machine. It’s alive, it’s strong, and my hand in its initial stages is done. Now, it’s time for me to find those who can help see it the rest of the way, and let go.

Well, you know, and have a heart-attack while doing so.

– James.

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