Weekend gift.

A little something for you folks as I take a brief break from this editing work. Once more, I do not proclaim myself a poet of any fashion. I simply get the urge to sometimes throw down some rhythmic phrases.

This piece is about my two main characters for Under a Falling Sky. One style, written with italics, is from the perspective of Ashayl Faeron. The other, written in standard font, is from Tanis Arkay.


A broken home among the winter’s storms
Such memories are all I leave behind
As I wander from cities of all shapes and forms
Trying to preserve all that is Human in my mind


Some think me the son of a master of war
Others see me as just another link in the chain
But we all see and tend a torn frayed and torn
As rebels within and empires without bring us pain


I hide these scars of misfortune from all
Trying to find my place in a world of ignorance
Gone are the memories of forgotten homes and halls
Replaced only by the ruthless fist of intolerance


The rebellious eyes of our people give us hope
Hammered down by the realization of swift defeat
Turning us from proud warriors with honor in our souls
To a subservient people down on bended knee


A new dawn is coming for one and all
From the lowest home to the grandest hall
As a generation shall come crumbling down
And we try to bury our old ways in the ground

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