The news from the lazy front!

So yeah, I think you’re probably all getting the vibe of what is going to be discussed in this post by the title alone. Not exactly like I’m trying very hard to cover it up or anything, that’s just how it is.

It’s been nearly a month since I last updated the page, and not much has happened. I’ve mentally been turning Under a Falling Sky around in my head over and over, trying to create a plot to follow that strikes me as a quality piece. So far, the ground work is there, but it needs some work and refinement to even be something I consider worth starting the writing on.

If I haven’t been working on Under a Falling Sky, what have I been doing then? The answer is: not much. I’ve been working (slowly) on the refinement of Blood in the Machine and trying to get that ready enough for me to consider throwing it at an editor and praying for the best, but that’s about it.

Yes, I’ve been violating the cardinal rule of all writers, “Write something every day.” It just hasn’t been there for me. Part of the reason why, I believe, is in how I manage my time and where I set some aside for writing. Up until now, I’ve been attempting to set aside time for writing during the night time, once I get home from work. By this point, I’m generally kind of beat and tired, just wanting to screw off for what’s left of the day.

That’s changing.

I’m going to try and shift time around on my schedule, setting aside some time in the AM – before I go to work – to write. If that means revamping my sleep schedule, so be it, but progress must be made and it isn’t happening in the PM.

Second thing I’m gonna do? Set my sights in a ludicrous goal. I even already have one in mind that I have a story concept for, I’ve just got to make it happen. Is it brash? Yes. Is it foolish? Quite likely. Is it insane? Probably, but what hasn’t been on this whack-ass journey thus far?

Am I gonna tell you what it is? Likely not, at least not for now. I want to try and take my shot at it first. I’ll just say this: If I actually accomplish this, and it’s a success, I’ll have been grossly underestimating myself.

Well, off to go cause a ruckus. See you guys on the tubes!

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