On the up-swing.

It’s been a little while since we last had an update, and there’s a good reason for that. There hasn’t been much done, so there hasn’t been much to update everyone about.

I said it was a good reason, I didn’t say you were going to like it.

But that’s been changing. After the frantic holiday season, along with the post-season lull and catch-ups, I’ve been getting back into my second work. Since, you know, the first-work keeps me fed and a roof over my head, but what ever.

How have I been starting off? Well, I’ve been reading a bit more, along with participating with other writers on a more recurring basis. I’ve also been – slowly – reinvigorating my presence with eFiction Magazine and am looking to get a story into them.

At the same time, I’ve gotten back into my GoodReads account. I’ve added a couple things onto my shelf over there, wound up in a couple groups, and am gonna make an effort to keep current with it. I even went to the trouble to make and throw a link to my account over on the sidebar.

Speaking of publishing, I’ve been of the mind to wrap up, clean up, and send (…up?) some of my current projects for publication. I’ve got two completed shorts, in the form of Echoes and When Death Comes, along with two other short stories that are currently in production. All that is required is a bit of effort to actually make sure they’re looking good and get sent out for review.

But what about beyond that? I mean, sure, some short stories will last a little while, but they won’t go on forever.

I am looking into the possibility of having a compilation of short stories publicly – and commercially – released around the middle of the year. It would have my published work (thus far), along with a couple other projects that haven’t been shown yet. I’d likely also go back and touch up earlier published pieces, though Synthetic Reality would be the biggest target of such work.

I figure that such a release would help open me up to a wider audience and get me started down the road of actual publication outside of magazines. At the same time, it’d also make me a target for some hard and heavy criticism and feedback on my quality and style, so that could be either good (and depressing).

Either way, as soon as I get a couple of things done and out of the way, I intend to crack down on myself like a hammer on someone’s fingers. That includes the short story work mentioned earlier, along with getting the draft of Under A Falling Sky wrapped up and ready for re-work (it’s gonna need a lot). That’s all before I even think about other ideas, currently planned novels, ect.

…I really don’t make this easy on myself, do I?

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