Announcement: (R)Evolution.

At this point, Guns of Asgard is currently sucking up time in the editing tank. Rather than work on the editing part of that story, which I’ll do after I’ve had a decent break from it, I am working on a new story right now.

What is that story titled, you ask? (R)Evolution.

The story itself kinda harkens back to my first published piece, Synthetic Reality. It takes place in the near future where cybernetic augmentation and prosthetic applications are available. The use of such applications is a subject of moral debate while the technology itself requires regular maintenance.

In this world, a cop ends up acting as a guard for the president of one of the leading cybernetic corporations. In the midst of riots and armed protests over augmentation and mechanical prosthesis, he winds up having to find where he stands on the issue of cybernetics while investigating a possible monopoly that could affect the lives of everyone who uses such technology.

(R)Evolution is looking to be a very promising story, at least in my mind. It brings back fond memories of my work with Synthetic Reality, which is always a good thing.  While the idea and setting itself might seem cliche anymore, I’m hoping to give it some solid characters and an interesting story to tell.

Just thought you guys might like an idea as to what’s coming up in the future. I figure once the first draft of this story is done, I’ll get to work on editing both it and Guns of Asgard. For now, time to enjoy the project.

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