New releases!

A new day, a couple new releases!

First out of the gate, we have A Prayer to the Exiled, a poetic prayer amongst the Vashari in the Dark Stars universe. This piece is exclusively being posted on her website [link], with the full piece posted right … here. The link to this piece has been added to the Published Pieces menu on this website for future references.

This piece gives a little insight into Vashari culture, along with offering a small glimpse into one of the two protagonists for my upcoming works, Vaerys Tyrus Dirion. I hope you all enjoy this piece, just as I enjoyed writing and sharing it.

Second, A Debt of Lead has been released! It is currently available [in pdf, mobi, and epub formats] in the downloads box to the left on this page. Alternatively, there is a direct link to the zip over on the Downloads page.

This story is the debut of my second protagonist, Jacob Wilkens, for the Dark Stars universe. In this story, he’s got to fight his way up through a casino that operates as a front for a stim cartel. If he doesn’t, the cartel’s henchmen will kidnap and kill one of his associates, something he can’t let happen.

These works, combined with Dawnstar, form the beginning of our exposure to the Dark Stars universe. This new universe is a place filled with pirates, massive corporations, stim cartels, aliens known as the Vashari, civil war amongst mankind, and more.

Here’s hoping you stick around and enjoy the ride.

2 thoughts on “New releases!

  1. Just downloaded and read ‘A Debt of Lead’ and found myself in the middle of an action packed adventure. The protagonist Wilkens established himself as one hell of a badass and I am really looking forward to reading more about him. (Possible Spoiler) However, I have a question, how come none of the bad guys were wearing armor (especially Cortz)?


    • Glad to hear that you enjoyed the read, ;). The reason I had intended for none of the thugs, outside of the Vashari, to have armor is twofold. One, they are, in reality, very low on the totem pole and not quite worth the investment into actual armor systems. Two, to obtain armor from a corporation, you need to be licensed as a contractor – like Wilkens – or be a representative of the government’s armed forces. Either way, the trade of armor systems is monitored quite heavily, in order to prevent cartels, pirates, ect from gaining access to tech that is even beyond the average Marine. Now that I think about it, I did omit that detail, and feel stupid about it.


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