The story is in the workshop-oven.

So yeah, been slightly longer than normal for me when it comes to posting a new update. It’s been a little busy over here on my end, so I’ll cut straight to the chase and make this short and simple.

1: A Debt of Lead, formally A Debt of Bullets, has had its first draft completed. It’s currently in the editing phase, being looked at. So far I’ve sounded the call for help with edits and critique, though none have answered, making myself the only person to have gone through it. I’d originally intended to begin compiling it and work on the cover art as soon as tonight, but I might possibly extend that deadline in the hopes that someone else takes an interest in the editing process.

2: There have been a couple of slight revisions to the website. The Links tab has been removed, since it didn’t really serve much purpose. At the same time the Poetry tab has been changed to a Downloads tab with a link to the download for A Call to Arms, along with a slot for A Debt of Lead for when it’s released. It still retains the links to the poems, still hosted here on the website, though it’s not the most optimal way to view them.

3: After A Debt of Lead is down with editing, I’m moving back to working on the manuscript for my novel. As of now, I’m still working on Chapter 3, but am still aiming to make more headway. At the same time, it’s come to my attention that Fireside Magazine will be accepting submissions on August 6th. Needless to say, this has my interest, so I’m also spending some time thinking about a new story to possibly submit to them.

That’s all I got to mention for now. What can I say, I told you it’d be brief. Now I’m back off to get cracking on more edits, cover designs, ect.

(If you’re potentially interested in helping provide editing and critique for A Debt of Lead, please drop me a message either here or at one of my social media feeds.)

2 thoughts on “The story is in the workshop-oven.

  1. Still very busy over here. I feel your pain when you think no one is paying attention. At least you get to attend eFiction workshops and get constructive feedback there.


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