Some updates, and a poll!

A new month is coming up, and I have some updates in mind for the website. Primarily, updates on the freely available content.

That is where you, the readers, come in.

I intend to whip all my poetry together into one file, then have that available for free download on the website in a variety of formats (PDF, kindle, mobi, ect). That’ll be easy, hopefully, and will clean this place up a little bit.

The second thing is something I want you, the readers, to have some creative input on.

You see, I am a story writer, yea? So why don’t I have an actual short story or something here on the website? Beats the hell out of me! Only problem is, it isn’t terribly difficult for me to whip up a short story since I have a number of ideas already floating around in my head.

That’s where you guys and gals come in.

I’d like you guys to post what theme you guys want to read (Fantasy, SciFi, Urban Fantasy, you get the idea) in the comment section on this article, or on the posts on Google+, Twitter, or FB. From there, I’ll tally the votes together, whip up a story, then have beta readers / a workshop on the story for the editing so it’s a bit more refined.

Seriously, pretty easy. This way, I’d like you all to have some input on what I create next for everyone and anyone to read and enjoy. This story will also be available for download in the same way that the poetry collection will be (PDF, epub, mobi, ect), so you don’t have to read it here on the website.

Looking forward to seeing what input you guys can offer and what you’d like to see me create.


Current Tally: Science Fiction, 1; Western, 1.

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