“Dawnstar is awesome!…Goosebump-inducing, all American, futuristic bad-assery.” – Doug Lance; Editor-in-Chief, eFiction Magazine.

Those are the first words I’ve heard from anyone in regards to ‘Dawnstar’. Why do they fill me with so much happiness and joy to see? That would be because ‘Dawnstar’ is my now accepted submission to eFiction’s June issue.

That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen, James has gone 2-for-2 on the publishing front. First: ‘Synthetic Reality’ made the cut, now ‘Dawnstar’ fills in the ranks of the other great works of the June 2012 issue.

It may be needless to say, but I am beyond ecstatic at the moment. This news has officially made my entire weekend all that much better. Not only because of the publishing, but also because I can partake in and observe the workshop editing happening behind the scenes. It’s the perfect way to see other techniques and methods that I’m not entirely familiar with; through that, I can improve my own skills as a–as Chuck Wendig would describe–Penmonkey.

So yes, folks, keeps your eyes open for eFiction come June 1st. If you’ve been good this year, you’ll find ‘Dawnstar’ filling your proverbial stocking when you wake up in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Dawnstar.

    • Thanks, Leila. ;)

      Really looking forward to seeing what others think of it. It’s not quite the philosophical thinker that ‘Synthetic Reality’ was, but more straight-up Sci-Fi action.


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