Moving forward…

Here we are: a Friday night before a nice and relaxing three days weekend. One that shall be filled with various films, games and hopefully some other activities. Some reading and writing shall, of course, fill a nice chunk of time as well.

There will also be a nice bit of nervous stress as today marks the submission deadline for eFiction Magazine’s June issue. I wrote a short story for this issue so there’s obviously some tension in the air as I hope that it makes the cut and gets the ‘Published’ stamp. Needless to say; my blackberry, which gets all my emails, will be glued to my hip in anticipation.

This weekend also gives me time to work on the second manuscript of ‘The Veil’. For those that haven’t followed either this story or myself for that long: ‘The Veil’ is my first novel that I intend to publish digitally. I finished the first manuscript for it back in December before going on a slight hiatus. From there; I wrote a small number of short stories, including the now published ‘Synthetic Reality’, and improved on my writing skills.

I was also going over the manuscript at the same time in an attempt to edit it. It wasn’t terribly long before I came to realize it needed a complete rework from the ground up. It wasn’t just grammatical errors that needed fixing, the story itself was flawed. From that point forward; I started a new project file in Scrivener to do a complete re-write of ‘The Veil’.

I’ve since been writing the character dossiers and creating the locations for the second version of the story. Not only have the events in the story changed dramatically, but even the tone of it has changed at its most basic level. Some characters have left while others have been made, locations have been made and named, ect.

While I haven’t even penned a single word of the new story as the core manuscript, the new story that’s being explored and fleshed out in these dossiers makes me much happier than the previous work did. I am quickly approaching the point where I pen the first scene in the first chapter, making me eager to put this new story to the test as I write it out.

Good tidings are on the horizon, I’m just trying to be sure that I don’t botch this in some spectacular fashion.

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